Friday, April 7, 2017

Whats on the painting table

As people who know me will be well aware my painting can be a little bit erratic at times, well actually it borders on non-existent a lot of the time. Between work, family and trying to get some actual gaming time in there is not often a lot of time left over to sit down at the painting table.
Further to this I also do the occasional commission work for some of the guys at the local club which in turn pushed all my personal painting down the list.
But enough of complaining about how much time I don't have and onto what is actually on my painting table this very moment. Well the majority of it is some commission work I am doing, a US Arianda force and some Nomad models for Infinity.
The US Ariadnans currently are all the Grunts my friend has based and ready to paint, all nine of them.
Nine USARF Grunts nearing completion
The completed test model
 The Nomad faction is a slow project, just a few miniatures a month, however the guy I am painting them for has had a bit of a dilemma with the scheme he would like. This has lead to three test models being painted, hopefully this last one is staying.
The test Nomad Alguacile (I hope this is the last paint scheme)

The rest of the Alguaciles patiently waiting to be started on

Also sitting waiting patiently to be finished are the last few models that I was painting up for my Morat Aggression force that I used in an Infinity Slow Grow we held at the club late last year.
The rest of my Morat Aggression force waiting to be finished


  1. Looking good! My painting table is currently a terrain assembly and netflix table. Though I have some remotes for Heavy Gear sitting there that shouldn't take too long. :D

    1. They have been sitting there for at least 3 months in the same undercoated state