Friday, April 21, 2017

Dystopian Wars tournament ahead

Well I started out this blog strong and then I have been a bit lax in the past two weeks getting the next post up. The main reason is that I have been madly painting models for a tournament I am attending this coming weekend.
Every year, well for the past three years including this one, the local gaming group has run a Dystopian Wars tournament over two days around Easter.
I have a habit of taking a different fleet to every tournament I attend for Dystopian Wars so this year I decided to take a Black Wolf mercenary fleet, known for their brutal short range firepower it should be fun to play as I have mostly in the past run longer range fleets.
Overall I am quite happy with how they have turned out, they could probably do with another spot colour somewhere on the model however at this point I have had enough of painting them so they can stay the way they are for the weekend.
The fleet assembled ready to face all opponents.

Two Deathbringer submarines

The Empire of the Blazing Sun have nicely decided to lend one of their Kaiju Heavy Battleships to the mercenaries

My three Nemesis battlecruisers

Fury class frigates

My fighter cover for the fleet
Well the tournament kicks off at 9am on Saturday morning, we shall see how the mercenaries fare against the fleets of my opponents.

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