Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Room

Well I suppose that if I am going to have a hobby blog then I had better get some posting done, and this post will be a brief bit about my own little oasis in the sea of chaos, mainly due to the kids, that is my home.
I count myself as part of the lucky group of wargaming enthusiasts who has their own dedicated room in their home. Indeed one of the selling points of the house was that it had a large room that could be sectioned off from the kids to house my addiction, I think it might have been my wife trying to stop me from exposing my kids and corrupting them.
The Room is an extension on the back of the house that was originally intended as a disabled bedroom, which for me is awesome. It is large, has it's own dedicated bathroom and is reasonably well lit, thus it was claimed for my own.
Currently The Room contains my gaming table, an eight by four foot piece of MDF on top of a second hand dining table, painting table, which has far too many unfinished projects on it and my currently inadequate amount of shelving.
My painting table
Gaming table, table for random crap and one of the shelves
The other two shelves
I am hoping in the next few weeks or months that I will be able to some more shelves so that I can start storing my scenery properly rather than just leaving it on the table and scattered around the room.
Anyway that's enough of me rambling about The Room, if you have any feedback or comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom of the post.



  1. Looking good! Great table for gaming and some of the best terrain going.

    We need to get a few more games in (we had a fair list from episode 4 to cover off :D )

  2. "has it's own dedicated bathroom" - love it!